Jobs That AI Might Take Over Very Soon & Others That It Won’t

The way we engage with technology transforms as a consequence of the AI revolution. We are witnessing increasingly sophisticated robots and AI with each passing day. Consequently, the majority of human-held employment is being replaced by AI, given its excellent automation capabilities. Applications that use generative AI, such as ChatGPT, have been “trained” on vast amounts of data and can quickly create materials of human quality. Using algorithms, generative AI produces original text, graphics, software code, Excel formulas, and music from simple text input.

Uncertainty over workplace safety and job prospects has been escalating over time. So, it is possible that, like many previous revolutionary technologies, AI will offer many fresh opportunities and job possibilities while exposing the risks associated with existing jobs.

Jobs AI Could Possibly Replace


Businesses do not require salespeople for retail and advertising activities anymore. Web and social media spheres have now grabbed the attention of companies for advertising purposes. Advertisers can create unique content for various audiences via social media’s built-in target marketing tools. Apart from that, a person can create advertising using self-serve ad marketplaces. The motive of these brands is to interact with customers with the help of content engagement tactics.

AI can skillfully learn your purchasing habits and trends and make appropriate product suggestions. Amazon Go, which is the most technologically advanced shopping system, stands as one of the finest examples of AI in retail, which does not require checkout.

Customer Service Representatives

Customers’ inquiries and issues are frequently similar. Responding to such matters does not require emotional solid or social intelligence. Thus, AI is capable of generating automated responses to frequently asked inquiries. These inquiries might generally relate to payment verification, purchase cancellation, delivery status, or refund status. However, a human customer service agent must be contacted if the bot fails to respond to the inquiries.

Translators & Proofreaders

Writers can access various AI-powered tools readily available to self-check their work. This AI system’s capability of analyzing natural language helps writers examine their work for misspellings, grammatical errors, and readability concerns. A perfect example of one of these applications is Grammarly. AI programs like DeepL and Google Translate allow you to translate your written content into multiple languages easily.


Since AI can handle even phone calls, several big companies are currently employing receptionist robots. You may have encountered it while making a restaurant reservation, enabling you to access an online scheduling system instead of dealing with a live operator. AimeReception and many other advanced AI receptionists can listen, see, comprehend, and converse with clients and guests.

Bookkeepers or Accountants

Multiple businesses are increasingly using AI to perform their bookkeeping tasks. They are accessible as cloud-based services, and AI-powered bookkeeping services offer an effective accounting system, along with flexibility and security. You are only required to enter your daily transactions into the software, which will complete the task for you. AI can guarantee that your data is gathered, stored, and evaluated accurately. An AI accounting solution is substantially more affordable than paying an employee’s wage to perform the same task, so companies are more likely to choose the cheaper alternative!

Courier Services

International corporations like Walmart and Amazon are currently creating robots and drones capable of taking over the place of delivery personnel. Even though drone delivery is only being used experimentally right now, it will surely replace courier services soon. These corporations are streamlining different logistics. In addition, supply chain processes through the help of AI.

Jobs AI Can Not Replace

Chief Executive Officers (CEO)

One job that will hardly ever see robots taking over humans is the position of an entrepreneur. Without a doubt, a person can benefit significantly from the use of technology. Still, a machine will never be able to replicate grit, instinct, persistence, and leadership qualities like a CEO!

Software Developers & Computer Scientists

Each client has a specific set of requirements when it comes to software development. Effectively establishing and executing a strategy requires considerable time and talent investment. It is improbable that AI will entirely overtake human programmers and create original code independently. Given this, software engineering and web development jobs will be assured for the foreseeable future. On the other hand, AI is supposed to change how software engineers and computer scientists operate eventually.


Although AI is highly advanced, it still has to acquire emotional intelligence and the ability to reason. One such obvious instance is that robots lack the intelligence to pinpoint the precise argument that will best hit those on the opposite side. Computers can learn all they want to about the law, but they won’t be able to read the room, regulate emotional responses, or control their responses in the right manner. Consequently, they bend the law to benefit you, making them poor lawyers.

Event Planners

There are plenty of factors to consider for effective event management. To successfully make things work, event planners should perform market research and coordinate with numerous other parties, such as vendors, contractors, and freelancers. Everything must be organized and executed given the requirements set forth by the client. An excellent event planner takes the time to connect with their client to try and understand the importance and meaning behind the occasion so that they can orchestrate a perfectly memorable day. Unfortunately, AI is unable to automate this feature as of yet.


In the coming years, Al will assist in most of the work that involves designing and engineering buildings. On the other hand, when it comes to hammering nails and laying bricks, the construction industry still requires a lot of manual labor and human expertise!


We can rest assured that teaching represents one of the oldest professions in history and is likely to be one of the hardest to destroy. Teaching is beyond merely imparting knowledge to others to retain it. It requires understanding the students’ world, approaching them appropriately, and forming an emotional connection to bond with them to be a good teacher. Unquestionably, it is unlikely for a first-grader to learn to read through a machine!