10 Beauty Products That are Money-Wasters

A survey conducted by the online cosmetic company SkinStore found that women, on average, use about 16 beauty-related products every single day. That might seem like a shocking number but try and count everything you use from morning to night and you’ll realize it’s not that far off.

While shampoo and soap are obviously essentials, there are so many others that we end up using because we think it’s necessary. Call it a marketing trick, but certain products have been hyped so much that we believe we cannot do without them. In reality, these are just money-wasters. Certain other products aren’t even suitable for all skin types! To find out what beauty products you’ve been spending unnecessarily on, keep reading!

1. Coconut Oil

The hype around coconut oil over the past few years has given us the idea that it is a magical product that fixes all our problems. While it does have its good qualities, coconut oil isn’t suitable for everyone. Specifically, if you have oily skin, you should stay away from products that have coconut oil as it can clog your pores or even cause acne!

2. Face Mist

Face mists are one of the biggest money-wasters in the market. Most of them contain mostly water with a bit of coloring and scent. Considering the first ingredient is free and the other two are known to cause allergies, it’s definitely not worth it! If face mists are a must-have for you, you should choose ones that contain glycerin, propylene glycol, hyaluronic acid, and aloe extract.

3. Chemical Peels

Face peels are often seen as a cheaper alternative to getting it done professionally, but in reality, it could be the same as throwing your money down the garbage bin. Not only do they not work, but they can also actually harm your skin as they try to do a job that can only be done by a trained professional.

4. Acne Removal Tools

Similar to a chemical peel, acne removal is a job best done by a certified cosmetologist. Such tools can be complicated to use and the average person either ends up getting nothing out of it or they could even damage their skin if they do the wrong thing.

5. Magnifying Mirror

Not only is the magnifying mirror a waste of money, but it can actually convince you to spend more money on other unnecessary beauty products by magnifying the smallest imperfections in your skin. Instead of this money-grabbing gadget, use a regular mirror with a good light source!

6. Anti-Cellulite Creams

Regardless of what the advertisements and “celebrities who’ve used it” say, anti-cellulite creams just do not work! What’s worse is the demonizing of cellulite, which is a natural feature of certain people’s bodies. It’s not related to losing or gaining weight, as the beauty industry would have you believe; rather, it is a result of different genes and hormones.

7. Stretch Mark Creams

Another type of cream that just does not work is stretch-mark creams. Just ask any woman who’s given birth. In fact, they should be encouraged to wear their stripes proudly instead of made to feel shameful. But even if you do want to get rid of stretch marks, you don’t need to buy an expensive product for it – just moisturize with your regular cream or oil to get the same result! In fact, most stretch mark creams are moisturizers in disguise anyway!

8. Cuticle Creams

Another “regular-cream-in-disguise”, cuticle creams are just an invention of the beauty industry to grab more money out of your pocket! Just use a normal hand cream or oil instead and you will get the exact same results!

9. Lip Scrubs

Lip Scrubs have the exact same ingredients in them as lip balms, with some added abrasive particles – not to mention an inflated price. Since your lips are very sensitive, you can actually end up doing more harm than good by using these scrubs. A good moisturizing balm should do the job instead!

10. Products for Split Ends

Here’s another illusion that the beauty-product market sells you. This total money-waster of a product does nothing but temporarily straighten your hair at the ends to make it seem healthy. Not only does this mean the problem hasn’t been fixed at all, but it can also actually affect the health of your hair in the long run. There’s only one way to get split ends corrected and that’s to cut your hair!