Tv Anchors And Their Salaries – See How Much They Earn On An Annual Basis


Judy Sheindlin, or Judge Judy, is a household name – whether you’re a fan or not, you’ve probably heard her name one way or another! Because of the immense fame that she has managed to garner throughout her long and fruitful career, Judge Judy was named the highest-paid host in 2018 by none other than Forbes magazine. What’s even more impressive is the fact that she beat the likes of Ellen DeGeneres for the top spot!

Aside from taking home $47 million annually from her popular show, Judge Judy, Sheindlin also makes more money as the producer of Hot Bench. She has made a huge name for herself as a TV judge and has endeared herself to the hearts of many viewers around the world. We’re sure she still has more projects up her sleeve, and we can’t wait!